Getting started

  1. Why should I use Indiescapes?
  2. How does Indiescapes work?
  3. Is accommodation included in the experiences?
  4. If I've already booked my accommodation, can I still go for the experience?
  5. What kind of experiences can I find on Indiescapes?
  6. What's not allowed on Indiescapes?

Trust and safety

  1. Are the hosts safe and trusthworthy?
  2. Does Indiescapes provide liability waiver for guests or hosts?

Booking an experience

  1. Why do I need to make a booking request?
  2. What happens after I have made a booking request?
  3. How do I search for specific types of experiences?
  4. How do I know if the experience is available for the dates and times I'm looking for?
  5. I'm travelling alone but the experience requires a minimum number of people. Can I still book it?
  6. I wish to book a private tour for my group. How can I do that?
  7. I'm travelling in a group but the experience I want to book has a limit to number of guests and cannot accommodate my group. What can I do?
  8. Why I can't find experiences in the destinations I'm going to?
  9. How do I contact my host to arrange our meeting?
  10. I contacted my host after booking confirmation, but there was no response. What should I do?
  11. The host I booked with is unable to show up and he got someone else to host the experience instead. What should I do?
  12. What happens if the host is a no-show?

Hosting an experience

  1. Who can list an experience with Indiescapes?
  2. How can I list an experience with Indiescape?
  3. How much does it cost to create a listing?
  4. What is a good duration for an experience?
  5. Can I offer multiple experiences?
  6. How can I create an attractive listing?
  7. How can I take good photos of the experience?
  8. How much should I charge?
  9. I'm only available on certain dates to offer the experience, is that ok?
  10. Can I call or email potential guests before they book?
  11. How do I edit my listing?
  12. Does my listing need to have photos?
  13. How do I delete my listing?
  14. What if I something happens and I am unable to host the experience on the day?
  15. What if my guest requests for additional services and I have to charge them extra for it?

General information

  1. Do I have to complete my profile?
  2. I forgot my password. What should I do?
  3. How do I change my password?

Reviews & referals

  1. What is the difference between reviews and references?
  2. How can I give a review for my host?