Where Old and New Singapore Blend: Explore Inner City Tiong Bahru on Foot

There’s much more to Singapore than the skyscrapers of Marina Bay, shops of Orchard, and even the colourful kitsch of Chinatown. Come explore the eclectic, indie-chic enclave of Tiong Bahru with one of its residents.

Through examining food, drink, architecture, and people stories from a resident's perspective, you’ll learn not just about one of the nation’s oldest neighbourhoods, but also so much more about the country of Singapore itself.

At the same time, you’ll get to give back to the local community – gentrification does not happen to all, and does not happen evenly.
We won't be keeping any fees. Instead, all fees paid for the experience will go directly towards several local charity recipients (please bear with me as I work out the precise mechanics).
What You Will Do
Setting off on foot within Tiong Bahru, we’re going to load our senses as we explore the local scene, checking out:

- The unique, Art Deco features of some of Singapore’s oldest residential apartments

- The bustling food-and-beyond mecca of the Tiong Bahru market

- An assortment of places of worship, including the Temple of the Monkey God (of Journey to the West fame)

- Some of the finest cafes, coffees and restaurants Singapore has to offer, ranging from local kuih-kuih shop to fashionable boulangerie to decades-old pots of curry to sleek contemporary Japanese restaurants and the coolest test kitchens

- Unique boutiques which, amongst others, thoughtfully curate collections of local literature, one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories, and even some seriously old school homeware
Why We Do This
I’m very fond of both my neighbourhood and my country. : )

And since the sum is larger than its parts….
Through checking out the various nooks and crannies of the hood, and through listening to anecdotes and asking questions of this proud resident, you’ll not only learn about the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood itself, you’ll also develop an understanding of the development, struggles and changes which have taken place in the broader Singapore context.
Hosting, and a list of my personal recommendations of places in the area, so you can check them out at your own leisure too.
Personal expenses – should you wish to purchase a local book, or revive yourself with a specialty brew, you’re very welcome to do so at your own expense.
Please come dressed suitably – Singapore is humid and we’ll be walking!

If group dynamics permit, I’m happy to customize the tour as you wish. E.g. if you’re a foodie, we can spend more time on that.

This is a weekends-only, by-request experience, and I would be grateful for at least 3 days’ notice

If it rains, we’ll keep an eye out on the situation and hopefully be able to make minor adjustments to proceed!

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