We, Isolators - Walking the Slums of Bangkok

Sure, you’ve seen all the bright sides and positives of Bangkok. But what about the areas locals pass by unobservantly or use only as a shortcut? Let’s be frank here. We don’t want you to leave without understanding all the facets of Bangkok. We want you to be privy to the provocative, the unusual, even the shocking. Observe how people live in wooden houses, and operate in their own slum economy. It's a bit of an extreme excursion to the other part of the city which even some local don't know exists. Prepare yourself to be truly isolated from the tourist crowd.
What You Will Do
• Set off to a local fresh market in the morning, pick up some local delicacies and mingle with the locals.

• Hop on a tuk tuk (local three wheeler) to a canal pier. Encounter one of Bangkok's slums that is trapped in the middle of a civilized venue. For most locals, we use this area only as a shortcut.

• Leave the bustling shopping arcade, and go onward to another slum by an abandoned railway, a true unseen part of Bangkok. For some people, it's an inconvenience to know about it.

• Observe their homes of wooden shacks and the self-sufficiency with which slum-dwellers eke out a living and support one another.

• After strolling along the train track, we drive to the outskirts of the town and cross the river to Bangkok's only island that still unknown to some locals.

• Explore this city largest natural park on bicycle and finish the day in the middle of the plantation overseeing the view in the evening.
Why We Do This
I personally have visited the sites myself, and gained permission to bring guests there. It's definitely safe to spend some time there. In fact, the people who live there sometimes seem to be more friendly than the people living in BKK downtown! Join me in isolating ourselves from usual touristy sites and experience Bangkok from a different light.
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