'TransJakarta' Busway Journey

Jakarta, the capital city of 'Wonderful Indonesia'.
It is the center of business, social, tribes and culture from Indonesia's 13,000 islands. And that's why this city has terrific traffic jams. However, the government has ways to make Jakarta to be better place. They have made comfy public transportation bus which have become a landmark of the city: the (in)famous 'TransJakarta' Busway!

Are the special "Busway" lanes the solution to Jakarta's jams? Can you go to anywhere in the city using TransJakarta? Is it reliable, efficient, and affordable? Is it enough for the biggest metropolitan city in the world without a rapid-transit system? Or is the traffic problem to big to solve?

Break this myth by getting down and dirty! Jostle with locals as you navigate through the metal maze. Feel glad you're not one of those tourists who are stuck watching the meter tick up as their taxi stalls.
You don't know Jakarta if you never try TransJakarta.
What You Will Do
- Ride around Trans Jakarta's Network
- Mingle with the real Jakarta people as you zoom by private cars stuck in the "main road"
- Discovering Jakarta's Old Architecture by foot
- Cycling and exploring 'Kota Tua' (Old Town, Old = Tua, Town= Kota)
Why We Do This
I got some friends that came to Indonesia for first time and they got confused where to go, what to do in Jakarta? They see this funny road system where a lane remains empty in the middle of massive jams! And this happens everywhere in the city. What is "Busway" all about?

So, this journey is one to break the confusion.
Journey with TransJakarta is fun and cheap instead of taxi or private vehicles. You can see some local's faces and exploring old beautiful buildings and its history too.
Tickets Trans Jakarta
Tickets Museums
- Personal Expense
- Booking Hotel
- Rent Car / taxi expense to pick you from hotel if you don't want use Trans Jakarta transportation
I will pick you up from Hotel, if your hotel is near Bundaran HI.

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Jakarta, Java
5 hrs
1 - 6 pax

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