Spiritual Healing & Meditation Journey

Embark on a mystical journey to sacred energetic sites around Bali, where you will meditate in sacred caves, within temples cut into the tiers of the mountains and in hot springs beneath the starlit sky. Wash away everything you’ve been holding on to, everything that stops you from being who you are meant to be at a local sulfur pool amidst volcanoes and a naturally filled pool. Come join me as I share with you the spiritual energies of this magical island.
What You Will Do
Day 1
• Experience a healing session at my house in Sanur.
• Learn the techniques of meditation and find yourself through meditation at the mountains. Taste the richness of fresh tropical fruits, colourfully arranged by friendly vendors at the mountaintop.
• Descend into the valley of the volcanic caldera. Dine on fresh fish by the lake. Be rejuvenated through a bath in the local hot sulfur pools amidst volcanoes. Meditate beneath the stars. Spend the night at a simple but cozy accommodation.
Day 2
• Rise for pre-dawn yoga stretches. Watch the sunrise from the Mother Temple of Besakih, on Mount Agung after a drive around the caldera.
• Trek to the highest point where you will be greeted with lofty green platform and a spectacular view of Bali. Meditate to achieve emotional cleansing.
• Bathe in the refreshing, icy waters of the naturally filled pools at the Royal Water Palace of Tirta Gangga. Feel the energy while meditating at the holy grounds of ancient kings and queens.
• Snorkel (either from a boat out beyond the reef, or for the faint of heart, off the shore) at the village of Bunutan.
• Dinner will be a vegetarian meal at the Ayurvedic café of Aiona run by a Swiss-German couple. Return to Sanur.
Why We Do This
My customers are people from all walks of life, backgrounds and religions. These are people with questions which can’t be answered or solutions which can’t be found through the usual channels. Commonly, that which is considered to be illness of the mind, emotional or physical body is a condition which begins in the realm of spirit. So, it is in Spirit where we understand the roots of our weed like conditions, which can replanted in a field where they become blossoming herbs.
- All transport
Please bring sufficient cash for meals, drinks and snacks which will be available at local prices
- Bring along warm clothing for mountain sleeping and night meditation
- Swim wear for bathing in the sea and mountain waters
- a simple long sleeved shirt, to be worn with a sash around the waist, will suffice over a locally purchased sarong as acceptable temple wear.

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Sanur Bali
2 days
1 - 6 pax

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