Other Side of Town Bicycle Excursion

Unearth the other side of the town - authentic Bangkok residential area, where average people live in their own way, whilst contrasting it to the tourist-trodden sites of Bangkok. I’ll take you to glimpse the off-beaten side only for a short moment. You'll get to experience two parts of town, not far from each other, but with totally different atmospheres and vibes.
What You Will Do
• Hop on bicycle, and ride through narrow paths along the river. Reflect at a small local temple. Continue the bicycle ride to one of the first train stations in Bangkok.
• Be charmed by crossing the river to the other side of town. Be awe-inspired by the colours, shapes and forms at the Grand Palace, a Majestic King's compound. Appreciate this unique area.
• Appreciate some local food for lunch. Behold the tallest Buddhist stupa in Bangkok at the Temple of Dawn.
• Cross back to Bangkok side and head back to the hotel by taxi.
- Ticket to Grand Palace
- Bicycle rental
- Taxi fare
- some light snack (local choice)
- Lunch
- Pick up time is 08.30

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How many people?
Cost per person
Total cost
5 hrs
2 - 6 pax

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