One-on-One Balinese Healing Session

Step back in time to where the pace is easy and the spirit of life is nourished. Join me for a one-on-one spiritual healing consultation. We will learn to surrender our life loads and karmic accumulated energies. Leave feeling lighter & unburdened, after experiencing a true moment of perfection. Join me in our journey.
What You Will Do
• Utilise a breathing technique that creates the harmonic resonance necessary for the transformation of energy in our lives.
• Discover your soul’s purpose as it is defined through a little numerology and palmistry.
• Seek the answers to difficult questions through unconventional channels.
Why We Do This
Living in Bali since 1981, I will guide you on a transformational journey home to the heart. I practise meditation with an intention to heal, to transform negativity into positivity, and to assist all life with lots of laughter and joy. We should always be conscious of our immortality, and discovering our soul's purpose.

My clients have been people from all walks of life and religions. Those feeling disturbed are so because they are gifted, only not yet aware of their gifts. We need to remember that God offers us challenges that we can rise above every single time.
- Healing guidance
- Please bring either your USB flash disk or an empty CD to take home the recorded session and the guided meditation, as well as some other tools for you to use on the path as reference.

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Sanur Bali
2 hrs
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