Moyo & Satonda Islands Exploration

Get off the beaten track and explore the untouched beauty of the island of Sumbawa. Explore beautiful reefs in crystal clear azure waters and visit the tranquil island of Satonda, a sunken volcano. Go for a swim in its lake, home to a completely unique eco system that is as warm as your bath. Take a walk through the beautiful island of Moyo. Reach two waterfalls and caves as you pass along a beautiful path and a traditional local village. In the evening lay out and watch the local fruit bat colony fly off to the mainland for its nightly hunt. Every trip is made unique through the people who come with us, the new local friends we make and the ever changing marine and animal life!

We are closed for this season. The next season starts in April 2014. We'd love to have you join us on 27 April 2014, the first expedition next season!
What You Will Do
* Cruise the beautiful Sumbawa coastline
* Snorkel stunning protected reefs
* Visit a traditional local village
* Walk through the beautiful island of Moyo to visit waterfalls and a cave
* Visit the unihabited island of Satonda, a sunken volcano with a lake and unique eco system in its lake.
* Watch a fruit bat colony go for its nightly hunt
* Optional diving - incredible walls, reefs and a small Japanese WW2 wreck
* Visit a traditional horse race (if there is one on while we are there)
Why We Do This
We are a brother, sister combo with a love of travel and exploring new places. We left England a few years ago, came to Asia and built a boat, we then ventured around South East Asia until we come across Lombok and Sumbawa, where we fell in love with the natural beauty and people. We love to get away from the tourist traps and explore new places away from development, this is what we aim to provide for our friends who come aboard!
* Food
* Juice and water
* Moyo island park fees
* Moyo marine mark fees
* Satonda island park fees
* Satonda marine park fees
* Snorkel equipment
* Local guide fees
* Alcoholic drinks
* Soft drinks
* Tips for local guides
* Scuba Diving Courses
* Scuba fun dives

Please provide you full name as on passport, nationality, passport and emergency contact details.

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Lombok, Bali
5 days
1 - 12 pax

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We grew up abroad and developed a love of travel, exploration and the sea. A few years ago we left England and moved to the...