Illuminated Bangkok - A Night Time Encounter

Bright lights, clubs, bars- it’s a weekend night in any big city. But how about night markets lit up in neon, flower markets resonating with the hubbub of flowers rolling in? Or how about simply the same daytime spots, somehow changed in the glow of the night? It’s a shame that not many travellers can truly get to see how special Bangkok is at night. Throw yourself into the joyful chaos of Bangkok at night. It’s yet to be seen whether the lights or your eyes are more lit up.
What You Will Do
• Catch a tuk tuk (local 3 wheeler) to Bangkok Chinatown where hundreds of food stalls sell local fare that is finger licking good.

• Stroll through local night market luring travellers, young hipsters and many other to shop, drink and eat.

• Observe a local flower market at its prime time when truckloads of cut flower rolling in.

• Relish the lit-up, night time magnificence of Bangkok's main tourist attractions without the daytime tourists!

• Dine in a local restaurant that is a landmark of the neighborhood.

• Capture another unseen spot of the town at the train station.
tickets, transport, snacks and drink

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5 hrs
2 - 6 pax

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