Hanoi tropical breakfast

Hanoi tropical breakfast tour gives you a chance to experience the normal morning of a Hanoian: having delicious street-vendor “bun”, strolling along narrow lanes and tasting amorous tropical Arabica in street cafés. Forget fancy coffee shops located on wide pavements- Hanoians serve coffee right at their door steps. No decoration, no uniformed waitresses. Just some tiny wooden stools and a smiling owner making typical Vietnamese coffee. You will learn how to make Vietnamese coffee in the trendy and famous “Rengreng café” - a coffee shop on a trolley! Get nourished with exotically spiced noodles and blend your own breakfast coffee!
What You Will Do
• Pick up customers at the fountain near Hang Dao street. Enjoy a five minute walk to Cau Go street, where they sell famous “bun thang” (noodles with chicken, mushroom, egg, lime and various exotic spices).

• Savour every mouthful of “bun thang”. Listen to the story of ancient streets and contemporary city life in Hanoi.

• Leave the bistro, stroll along hundreds-year-old streets to appreciate the special atmosphere that characterizes the ancient town.

• Learn how to make Vietnamese “ca phe sua” (literally coffee with condensed milk) at Rengreng café. Yes, you will shake like a professional barista, in Hanoi’s antique avenues, amid honking motorbikes and rushing street walkers! Enjoy your self-made coffee on teeny-weeny white stools. A five-minute course of hand rolling tobacco is optional and free.

• Say farewell to amiable coffee guys and indulge yourself in another adventure.
Why We Do This
As a coffee lover, I’d like to introduce you the unique Vietnamese coffee culture and as a Hanoian, make you love my unforgettable city. I am also very inspired by the story of Bieu, the owner of the trolley-coffee shop. He is an ambitious young man from the south of Vietnam. He started the business pedaling around Hanoi’s old quarters on a bicycle and selling coffee made of Arabica beans grown in his homeland. Desiring to change the Vietnamese habit of drinking straight Robusta, he offers the best and the cheapest Arabica in Vietnam and now becomes a well known figure. He and his brother will tell you their adventurous stories and instruct you to make “ca phe sua” with an old coffee machine and a shaker.
Meals, coffee making course and coffee.
Coffee beans to take away, if you want to buy.

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