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If food is the way to the heart, then shouldn’t we all be happier? We reckon you’re missing some Vietnamese flavour in your life. Not the flavour from a Vietnamese restaurant, but the authentic, savoury gems right from the street. A pleasure for your palate, scenes to mesmerise your sight, a nuanced experience for your nose- it’s time to discover Hanoi through its food. We sample items like draft beer brewed daily, an array of barbequed meats and vegetables and various noodle dishes. More importantly, we glimpse the lives of these street vendors who delight travellers and locals alike through their culinary skills. A must see in Vietnam!
What You Will Do
• At 5.30pm we sample a local draft beer at ‘bia hoi corner’ after an introduction to Vietnamese food. Watch the busy streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter as you sip the Bia Hoi amidst locals who drink this whilst seated on plastic stools.
• Try some samples before heading for a Vietnamese style barbeque dinner. Select from an array meats, tofu and vegetables on skewers as they are flame grilled in front of your eyes.
• Complete the meal with desserts along the Hoan Kiem lake. Leave some space in your stomach to savour the treats at Hanoi’s most famous ice-cream street. It is truly an unforgettable experience shared by scores of young Hanoians.

Below is a list of some of the popular street foods offered in Hanoi and those are my favorite local food. You may find that once you start your street food walk you will not want to stop and will happily skip on the western seats and air conditioned rooms for quick and tasty meals served on the sides of busy roads.
If there is one dish that defines the culinary culture of this remarkable city it would have to be the flat noodle soup phở. This simple dish of noodles and either beef or chicken is forever popular with locals and foreigners alike and can be found throughout the city.
Phở bò – beef noodle soup (Phở bò tái: half cooked beef, Phở bò chin: well done beef).
Phở gà – chicken noodle soup
Bún is another admired noodle dish in Hanoi. Bún, a round rice noodle is used to make a variety of dishes. Sometimes the noodle is eaten cooked on its own and sometimes in broth with spices and vegetables, producing some amazing tastes. Some of the more popular bún dishes are with beef, pork, crab, snail, or tofu (although mind the tofu version as it is accompanied with mắm tôm, a fermented shrimp sauce with a taste and smell not for the faint hearted!). The cooked rice noodle dish is served with whichever meat you have picked (the most popular being chả: grilled pork) and a plate of herbs, mint and sliced green papaya.
• Regarding bún dishes, you will be spoilt for choice in Hanoi and below are only some of the varieties you can choose from:
Bún chả – grilled pork noodle
Bún bò – beef noodle
Bún riêu – crab noodle
Bún ốc – snail noodle
Bún đậu – tofu noodle

Please note: In case of heavy rain the itinerary may be altered to visit a covered local noodle stall.
Why We Do This
Whenever I have free time, I like to take a stroll along the narrow streets to seek an unforgettable moment, the sounds, smells and the tastes from street specialties. Being a citizen of Hanoi is my luck. I strongly believe that traditional values will exist forever.
My goal is to share the experience of Vietnamese street food with everyone. Approaching the small plastic tables and chairs filled with buoyant locals can be a daunting prospect especially as the menu is only in Vietnamese. The locals will usually speak little to no English. This apprehensively begs the question “What are they going to bring me”? Fear not, as with a small bit of preparation and a general understanding of the street food in Hanoi you will soon be ordering and eating like a local.
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- Food budget including dinner
- Water
- Entrance ticket
* Pick up point is at your hotel. Please advice hotel address upon making reservation with us.
* The trip start at 05.30 pm and finish at around 20.30 pm.

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