Good Morning Hanoi!

Waking up at dawn sounds like a chore. We’re sure this will change if you’re welcomed with a smattering of colour and panoply of scents. This is the start we promise you- a sensory stroll through a colourful and vibrant flower market before the crowd comes in. Amidst the blanket of the morning mist, we take a stroll down a lake while observing the locals. You’ll be amazed at the spiritual, serene side to Hanoi before the city wakes up. From here, hop on a cycle to see an old part of town and be intrigued by a mausoleum as well as the Temple of Literature.
What You Will Do
• Start your day early at dawn and hit the Quang Ba flower market, a truly unforgettable experience for the early riser.
• Enjoy a stroll around the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake and see the locals doing their morning tai chi and aerobics in the dawn light. As the fruit sellers set up their wares and the children head to school in their crisp white uniforms, Tai Chi occurs daily in most of Hanoi’s parks.
• Cycle around the Old Quarter for an hour. It comprises nearly 40 streets packed with shops selling all kinds of goods. Each street is named for its primary good or service.
• Take in the sights inside Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (open in the morning only and closed Mondays and Fridays), his Former Residence and Temple of Literature which is the first University and the capital of Vietnam about 1000 years ago.
• Savour one of the most unusual dishes in Vietnam, the “Cha Ca fish “ at Cha Ca La Vong. This simple restaurant only serves this one dish!
Why We Do This
The Quang Ba flower market is unmissable. It is the only flower wholesale market in Hanoi. It opens at 2am to receive supplies of flowers from the suburbs and Dalat. From here, flowers are sent to every corner of Hanoi.
- All transport
- Cyclo Rental 1 hour
- Lunch at local restaurant
- Water
- Entrance ticket
* Pick up from hotels. Start at 05.00 am and finish at 14:00 pm. Please bring camera, do not wear shorts. Please wear long sleeve shirts.

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1 days
2 - 8 pax

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