Dance like a Local

Inspired by the elegant Balinese dances and the entrancing Gamelan Orchestra music that you hear from every corner of Bali? Wish to discover the very essence of Balinese culture? How about learning from Gus Eka, 30 year old founder of a local art studio that has earned international acclaim? You will be astonished to recognize that he teaches traditional Balinese dance right from the beginning. What you get here is not a tourist-compatible trial lesson. No! A world of its own, the universe of Balinese Culture and Tradition will become apparent to you.
What You Will Do
• Watch the studio artists in action, with its members dancing and playing the gamelan.
• Attempt to do the dances on your own! Be guided through a modern warm-up invented and choreographed by Gus Eka.
• Learn the 3 steps of Balinese dancing - Agung (how to stand and create body formations), Tandang (movement and composition) and Tangkap (Balinese dance eye contact, facial expressions and dancing inspiration). Your lessons will be tailored according to whether you are a beginner or experienced dancer, so don’t worry even if you think you have two left feet!
• Savour a delicious, traditionally cooked 3 course dinner and a dazzling performance by the dancers at the end of the day.
• If you'd like, for an additional USD 52 (for 2 persons), dress up like a real Balinese dancer. Experience the make-up, the beautiful cloths and intricate headgear.
Why We Do This
My relationship with Gus Eka’s family began when I realised my young son had a short attention span and was unresponsive to various forms of discipline. I thought to try Balinese dancing. It was heartwarming as I watched my son progress under Gus Eka’s care. I had a newfound understanding for Balinese dance, and a beautiful friendship was formed. We work passionately to put the performing arts of Indonesia on the international art map.
Gus Eka and his team of 7 teachers (including his beautiful wife Dayu) are keen to preserve the traditional way of teaching.
- Transport to and from your Singaraja accomodation
- Dinner for 2. Choose your own 3 course menu and 1 drink (wine, beer or juice) per person.
- Dance performance & lessons
- Pick up from your Singaraja accomodation at 2pm
- End in the evening after dinner
- Guests should bring comfortable dress like leggings or shorts for the dance lessons, T-shirt.
- Advance booking needed. This offer only valid for Sunday.

Heidi S

Dance like a Local

Singaraja Bali
2 - 6 pax
6 hour
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As part of Indiescapes curation, I spent some time with Gus Eka and Beate. They are definitely amongst the most inspiring people I've ever met. Hearing about why and how Gus Eka started his dance school, and his ambitions of spreading Balinese dance to the world was humbling. He's a world class teacher who is evidently loved by his students and fellow teachers. His objective wasn't just to teach us how to dance, it was also to understand all the principles behind it, and how it ties in with the Balinese culture.

Beate, originally German, now Indonesian, is a genuine lady who puts a lot of heart into everything that she does. She made me feel comfortable and right at home. The partnership she has with Gus Eka is amazing. And the dinner she provided was delicious!

I was also very lucky to watch Gus Eka's toddler son dance with his mother, Dayu. Heartening to see that the love for Balinese dance runs in the family!
over 10 years ago
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Singaraja Bali
6 hrs
2 - 6 pax

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