Catch and Cook: A Village Encounter

Remember the stories of humans starting off as cavemen and then hunters? But it’s really not a story anymore. Climb trees, catch chicken, fish and even dragonflies! We promise it’s more fun than going to the gym. Embark on a two day local tour with many new experiences about new foods that you have never even thought of. We join in harvest time with farmers and milk the cows. Nope, none of that skimmed milk stuff. In the night, we'll get up to catch the frog. We'll be living the true village life - flying kites, barbeque-ing food, sleeping on hammock and watching mouse crocodiles. It's the best, crazy, most exciting experience!
What You Will Do
Day 1

• Pick you up from your accommodation in Ho Chi Minh. Start with fishing and lunch before we visit Crocodile areas, Rat and Mouse areas. Understand how the locals live and enjoy.

• Begin learning about Vietnamese cuisine. First, we visit Rice Papers Villages to see how a staple Vietnamese food is made! Practise mincing the rice as you understand how to make rice paper.

• Next, we drop by the Rubber Tree forest. We'll learn how to grow a rubber tree, and how to make latex from it!

• Then, we head to the Cu Chi Tunnels where we discover how these tunnels were constructed and how its habitants combat two forces: the invading troops and the tunnels itself.

• Visit Hoang Cam's smoke-less store, secret hide-outs, fighting bunkers, and many dangerous booby traps. Try gun shooting with real bullets!

• Head back to our Agricultural Villages in the late afternoon, and experience:
Relaxing on hammock, Flying dragon or kite, Catching chicken for the barbeque, Catching
frogs, fish or making other dishes following instruction from our chefs.

• Spend the night at a village homestay.

Day 2

• Start the day early at 7am by getting fresh milk from the cows. Make coffee with a local flavour by following chef’s instructions.

• Visit the local markets, enjoying all the different kind of fruits and shopping at the cheapest price.

• We then start preparing to cook our own lunch. We head to our Vietnamese Medicine garden, to pick up nice herbs, vegetables, mushrooms. Complete the challenges in the cooking class to make three dishes and one dessert.

• Visit Bonsai & Animals Farm or Cu Chi Water Park. Get a final glimpse of Cu Chui before heading to your Ho Chi Minh accommodation.
Why We Do This
I am Tan, chef, biologist, pharmacist and accountant. I learned medicine in university. After that, I decided to go in Melbourne to study Accounting to open my own medicine company. Whilst there, I worked part-time as a kitchen hand, where I discovered my passion for food. Armed with my newfound passion, I financed a cooking course by working as a butcher in Victoria market. Based on an encounter with a customer who loved Vietnamese food, the idea struck me to combine all my skills regarding food, medicine, butcher and biologist to open a cooking experience where I share my passion of food with my guests.
Transports( Car or Motorbike), Activities, entrance fees, 2 Lunch, dinner, breakfast, Ice Teas, Home stay (1 night)
Personal Expenses
Please bring Insect Cream to Protect your Skin
Special Food requirement ,Special Event ,Special Celebrate

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Ho Chi Minh City
2 days
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When I was young , my dad taught me a lot about skills to take DNA in the mushrooms out and make marinade with some...