Blessing Day Experience - Life as a Thai Buddhist

What would you give up for absolute peace of mind? Your phone, your computer…your car, maybe? It’s priceless isn’t it? Let us take a step back as I bring you to experience old Buddhist influences and practices, against the modern backdrop of Buddhism threatened by modern habits of consumerism and materialism. Go off the beaten part to engage in simple activities like offering food to monks, meditating and freeing birds. Rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. And the real priceless part- take this learning back home your daily life.
What You Will Do
• Head to inspiring and beautiful temples of Wat Benchamaborpit or Marble Temple early in the morning.

• Engage in the oldest ritual of Buddhism of offering food to the monks. Be intrigued by intensely beautiful and melodious traditional chanting of the monks.

• Glimpse the breath-taking 160 golden Buddha statues at Wat Suthatthepwararam Rajaworamahavihara, a large monastery built in 1782. Learn where all these Buddha statues are made as you browse in to the Buddha Images market that is full of old stories and buildings.

• Learn how to meditate at the temple which can be applied to daily life, aiding concentration and leading to a state of calm.

• Enjoy making merit by freeing the bird or fish at Wat Rakhangkhositraram. This is done out of a belief that these creatures will take the bad luck away from their liberators.

*Please note that subject to our availabilities, it'd either be me or one of my team members who will be your Host for this experience.
Why We Do This
You might know of Thailand as the "Land of Smiles", but let me also show you the "Land of Yellow Robes". Why yellow robes? Well, Thai Buddhist monks traditionally don yellow colored robes. Buddhism is a keystone in Thai culture and much of our philosophy, arts and way of life grew from Buddhist foundations.

However, as Thailand grows richer and more modernised, Buddhism and monks are starting to lose their relevance in today's society. Values have changed with time. As Phra Paisan Visalo, one of the country’s most respected monks, once commented, "Consumerism is now the Thai religion. In the past, people went to temple on every holy day. Now, they go to shopping malls." I am very keen on bringing travellers in touch with the roots and beliefs of Thailand.
- Transportation
- Lunch (no drinks)
- Breakfast at local market (no drinks)
- Admission fees
- Travel accident insurance
- Water and cold towels
- Accommodation with daily breakfast
- Personal expenses
- Tips & gratuities
- Travel insurance
Meditation class is 13.00-16.00

What to bring and prepare for meditation:
1. White or light color clothes which are not too tight and comfortable to sit.
2. Arrive early for register. Read regulations.
3. Not allowed to read a book, write, talk or use mobile and tablet during the class

Physical rating: Level 2 – moderate
- Daily : 06.00-15.30
- Pick up from Bangkok city center hotel
- At least 1 week advance booking, for peak or high season the earlier booking the better

Zhi Min S

Blessing Day Experience - Life as a Thai Buddhist

2 - 9 pax
1 day
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I went on this trip as part of Indiescapes curation. My host was Mee, and she was absolutely fascinating, in so many ways.

We started the day visiting a temple to give alms to the monks. There, Mee shared with me the traditions of Thai culture and how Buddhism is ingrained into many of their lives. We even saw some famous politicians and actresses bringing a car full of generous alms to give out to the monks.

She brought me to a local market for breakfast, and the food was very delicious. It was interesting to see the daily lives of the working people as we walked through the market. We had thai fish cake, fried dough, beef glass noodles and thai iced tea.

Mee was very accommodating and had a wealth of knowledge to share. Whenever we walked through places with unique local food, she would buy some just so I could try it! I learnt from her about the history of Buddhism, how it is practiced in Thailand and we discussed very interesting social norms of the Thai culture throughout our day together. Ask her about the dating scene in Thailand, you'll be shocked!

The meditation session was a relaxing way to end the day. I had previously gone through a 10-day meditation course in India, so this was like a refresher for me. But for the other internationals who wanted to get exposed to meditation, this is a good start.

All in all, Mee was a fascinating host with great English, interesting perspectives and most importantly, her deep passion for her country and her love for sharing it with her guests. The more questions you ask her, the more you get out of your trip! :)

over 8 years ago
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