Authentic Thai Street Food Done Your Way

"Cracking the code" of a street food world almost exclusively dominated by locals: where to go, what to order, and how to order it. In the company of a renowned street food journalist, crack the code and uncover the hidden spots. Bangkok street food features some of the best Thai food in the country. But it seems a vast majority of the visitors to Thailand stick to "safe" restaurant choices. Safe is boring. Don’t be boring.
What You Will Do
• Explore the street food of a particular area (Chinatown, Banglamphu, etc) or a particular type of street food (egg noodles, Isaan).
• Have your street food catered to dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free).
• Embrace the daredevil in you with the strangest experiences (dancing shrimp, pig's blood).
Why We Do This
I blog and write extensively on Thai street food as a freelance journalist. I have also published a book, "Bangkok's Top 50 Street Food Stalls" and am currently working on my second. After a few years researching Thai street food stalls and shophouses for my books (which are meant to help ease diners into the street food world), I am now familiar with quite a few places, particularly in Bangkok.
My interest in street food grew out of purely personal and selfish considerations -- Having moved to Thailand in 1995 after a lifetime spent in the States, I, too, felt intimidated when confronted with bare-bones noodle vendors equipped with only a couple of burners and a few slips of paper. How can I order a meal without embarrassing myself, angering the vendor or causing delays for other customers? These are questions I think every street food newcomer asks.
- Transport during the course of the experience
- Up to 5 meals for parties of up to 5 people
-More than 1 alcoholic drink
- Advanced booking needed.
- Where to meet and time start depends on where we are going (for example, we will go to Chinatown only at night, while we mostly go to Banglamphu is daytime). Duration of experience depends on how many meals you would like (up to five).
- All people are advised to bring bottles of water, tissues, and if the experience is during the daytime, hats and sunscreen. Comfortable walking shoes recommended.

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